Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I haven’t made a praying to die!

(Impressions from Qani Biraçi,
former director
of the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria”)

It’s just a little to talk about my friend Shefki Hysa, and he doesn’t like the fact of talking about him. It’s sufficient to talk about Bilal Xhaferri and the activity of the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” and he feels satisfied. He says that his friends have fulfilled the duty toward him if they support the mission he leads.

According to my opinion Shefki Hysa is a simple man, idealist, and very zealous to open new streets in literature as a writer and very persistent as a patriot, to give support and justice to the martyr population of Chameria.

I know Shefki Hysa since the creation of the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria” in 1991. His writings at “Chameria” newspaper were a balsam for the Cham population. The storybooks and the novels published by him had the flavor of Chameria and we, as Chams, enjoyed them so much.

I knew Shefki when he leaded the Publishing House “Bilal Xhaferri” and the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri”. I knew him when le leaded “Eagle’s wing” magazine too, where he wrote so much about Chameria, and I began to appreciate him more.

The Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri”, under the direction of Shefki Hysa, was becoming day by day a strong support for Chameria. In 1994, in a difficult period, when segments of the Albanian state left without offices the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria”, my friend, Shefki Hysa offered for interaction the offices of his association, notwithstanding the misunderstandings and the tensions with some Cham headmen, who were concerned for their own interests rather than the exaltation of the Cham ideal.

When I was the director of the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria”, Shefki Hysa participated in every activity, giving an extraordinary contribution for our organization and for the Cham issue. I have a lot of beautiful memories from the work and friendship with the writer Shefki Hysa. We passed together a difficult period. It was when the structures of the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria” didn’t work and its case was empty. The entire activity was sabotaged for the individual interests of some former directors.

It was necessary to start everything from the beginning or the solution of the Cham problem would go adrift. The branches of the association in districts and the central direction in Tirana needed to be revivified. After the new elections in these branches, it was necessary to organize an impressive convention, so to inform the international and the Albanian opinion that the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria” existed and it was acting too. I was in charge of this duty, but how would I achieve it? How would I go in the districts?

My friend Shefki Hysa was willing to help me one more time. He put at my disposal his car and some friends’ vehicles and he accompanied me everywhere. We travelled day and night from one place to another and briefly we managed to revivify the structures of the association. It began to work and its budget increased.

We had daily contacts with America and other countries, where our friends acted. We strengthened the contacts with foreign embassies in Albania, especially with the American, Italian, German and Turkish diplomats, with many politicians and diplomats in the world, especially with the Internationalist Party, which was leaded by the Italian Euro deputy Marko Panela. A resolution to support the solution of the Cham issue was approved in this party convention.

Meanwhile, with our encouragement the senator Hillary Clinton organized a special session in the American Senate for the Cham issue, where the Greek party was called too, and it gave its explanations. So the Cham issue, with our work, was becoming more international.
It was the time when we were working really hard for the organization of a spectacular convention and Shefki was always near me. The convention was a big success and echoed everywhere for all that certain elements tried to annul it. I was elected General Director.

After the event different elements began to arrange meetings in coffee-bars and they opposed the working of “Chameria” Association. This fact demoralized me and I was thinking to resign. As always, I could count on my friend Shefki. But at the very peak of our association’s achievements I resigned. The clan that constrained me to resign took “Chameria” Association and after a year of direction, the association almost didn’t exist. All the structures were merged.

After the event, Servet Mehmeti, the after director, Shefkiu and me, tried to revivify the Patriotic Political Association “Chameria” again but someone managed to destroy this regeneration.

I have had and I still have an anxiety in my soul: During the activity of “Chameria” Association I wanted Shefki Hysa to be continuously part of its leading structures, but “the serpents”, those who poisoned the continuation of our work, didn’t accept. They were afraid of his ability, zeal and sensibility.

I am sorry, my friend, Shefki Hysa that even now all the structures of “Chameria” Association collapsed and its voice is hardly listened. I am really sorry as to weaken and fall sick of this wound but I am appealing to you:

Don’t stop this vigor, my brother!

Remember that I am alive and I haven’t made a praying to die!

Qani Biraçi
Former Director
of the Patriotic Political Association “Çamëria"

March, 2009

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