Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“Bilal Xhaferri” Mission

(Impressions from Pjetër Arbnori,
Chairman of the Parliament of Albania)

Honored friends of the defunct Bilal Xhaferri! I am expressing myself not as the Chairman of the Parliament of Albania but as your friend, as a coeval and a co-sufferer of big men like Bilal Xhaferri, the well-known poet, prosator and publicist, as Mr. Shefki Hysa defines him. Shefki Hysa has been so zealous in his mission for the exaltation of this brilliant figure, consigned to oblivion by the communist dictatorship, which did the same with many other patriots, which did the same with Pjetër Arbnori. I am expressing myself as honor member of the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” and as Chairman of the Commission for the Ceremony Organization for the return of Bilal’s bones in Albania. I was in charge of this duty and I think I have done well.

I know from experience that it isn’t easy to deal with such complex figures as that of Bilal Xhaferri. It is one of the most difficult missions that a smart man can undertake. Mr. Shefki Hysa had the courage to be in charge of this mission and he succeeded in arousing the Albanians’ memory for the extraordinary talent of Bilal Xhaferri. Shefki managed to bring him back in the native land and now he reposes in his birthplace, Saranda.

I think that with this human act, Mr. Shefki Hysa, the Publishing House “Bilal Xhaferri” and the Cultural Association “Bilal Xhaferri” have completed their mission for the Cham issue. They have served to Chameria like nobody else, of course with our help and yours too. Anyway, in my opinion, “Bilal Xhaferri” mission can be defined as complete, notwithstanding the fulfillments and the fineries that time and other patriots following Mr.Shefki Hysa will bring…

Pjetër Arbnori
Chairman of the Parliament of Albania

May, 1995

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